What Independence Means to Me This Year

Happy Independence Day 2015! Can you believe it is JULY already? This year is flying by, probably because it's been such an exciting year. Being that it is Independence Day this weekend, I want to take a few moments to write about what Independence means for me this year. The term has taken on a slightly deeper meaning for me in light of the launch of Made with a Purpose.

First, let me start by saying that we are BLESSED to be living in this beautiful country. Is it perfect? No. Are there things I would change? Absolutely. BUT, after having traveled to dozens of countries, and being exposed to varying levels of wealth and poverty around the world, I must admit we have it GOOD as women. As a woman, I have choices, I have the freedom to walk the streets alone and feel SAFE, I have a voice, and can demand to be heard. I am protected, and I feel safe and secure. I grew up in a traditional Indian household, and was blessed to be brought up with the richness and beauty of the culture without being held back by some of the outdated traditions and customs that no longer serve humanity. Unfortunately, not all women have had the same circumstances, and that is part of the reason I was inspired to start Made with a Purpose. 

When I think about the women and children I work with in India, I desperately want them to experience at least a taste of the independence and freedom I have experienced over my lifetime. And though I can give them well-paying jobs, access to education, offer an improved workplace, and the opportunity to build a real career for themselves and a better life for their families, I can't single-handedly change the deep-rooted societal views and ways of thinking. This is heart-breaking to me at times. It feels like an uphill battle, but then I remind myself that a journey begins with a single step. And with each woman and child we touch through Made with a Purpose, we are creating a ripple effect. And someday, we will touch hundreds, thousands, millions of lives... and things will change. Things will get better for women in India and all over the world. They will be free, they will be equal, they will be respected, and they will THRIVE. And through Made with a Purpose, I am committed to doing my part to make that happen. Happy Independence day my friend, have a blessed weekend! 

With love and gratitude-




Travelers, What's in Your Bag?

We love taking our handmade bags with us everywhere we go. Particularly when we travel, they are the best way to keep our stuff organized in style. Our team members like to keep one with them in their shoulder bag that holds a passport, postcards, stamps, pens, and a few personal items to freshen up on the flight. In our checked luggage, we use three different bags to keep our makeup, face and body care, and hair stuff all separated and organized. 

Not only are they awesome for organization, they are GREAT conversation starters too! Because they are so colorful, they capture people's attention, and inevitably, someone will ask where it's from. And we will take any opportunity to share the cause! 

So we want to know from our fellow travelers, WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG? Comment below and let us know! 



Pioneers with a Purpose - Are you IN?

Have you joined the Pioneers with a Purpose program yet?! The Pioneers with a Purpose program is exclusive to my inner circle, and you can share it with your inner circle of people too! I've created this Pioneers program to get the support needed to continue building my dream of empowering women in India through making beautiful handmade items (prior to reaching out to the public).  

Currently, there are six women working for Made with a Purpose, and they rely on me and Made with a Purpose to provide them with job security and stability. With your support, I can continue to expand Made with a Purpose by providing a stable income for our women, building a new facility, purchasing raw materials so the women can continue production, and promote and market the cause around the world. As we grow, we will give back in so many ways, such as sponsoring the education of girls in primary school, providing scholarships for graduates from the Sandipani Muni school, implementing workshops and trainings on growth and development of our women and providing funding for other necessary community programs in the villages surrounding Vrindavan. 

Check out your exclusive benefits – ONLY offered to our Pioneers who contribute $99 – and join today.  If you're already in, feel free to share with your inner circle! 

Exclusive Benefits to our Pioneers:

  • Your name engraved on a Pioneers plaque that will be displayed in our new sewing facility.
  • Your choice of one of the VERY FIRST handmade bags that will be available in the marketplace.
  • A discount code for a future purchase when our shop opens later this year.
  • A chance to win an autographed copy of the bestselling book “No Matter What” by Lisa Nichols.
  • Recognition on our website and social media as one of our Pioneers.

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A Little Inspiration...

Excerpt from Lisa Nichols' bestseller “No Matter What” (get a chance to win an autographed copy when you become a Pioneer!):

“You must be willing to dream big and take action – no matter how scared you may be. When you feed and nurture your dream, it grows into something bigger than yourself. But if you can see the endpoint, you’re not dreaming big enough!  You’ve got to know that if you have a vision and no one else sees it, that’s because the vision is uniquely yours and you must carry it out. This is your divine assignment.  That is why it landed on your heart and not your best friends, your mothers, your mates or your co-worker’s heart.  It’s YOURS!  So dream big and do what it takes to reach your dream.”

Quote from Reshma on how this relates to her own journey:  

“I totally feel this way about my mission with Made with a Purpose!  I am uniquely built for this dream because of my roots in India, my innate desire to help others, understanding of the opportunity, appreciation for a better life, passion for sustainability, and devotion to uplifting and empowering women.  My dreams are BIG and this is just the beginning. And though it is terrifying at times, I work hard to avoid giving in to the doubts and fears with which we are conditioned. Everyday, I make it a point to appreciate each step of the journey; it means I am one step closer to building these dreams. Nothing will happen if I don't take action, and if I take action, there is no such thing as failure. If you are unsure about following your passion, or are too afraid to try, I hope my journey with Made with a Purpose inspires you to go for it. And if you need an extra push, or a little inspiration, I’m here for you, don’t be shy to reach out to me at!”

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the Made with a Purpose blog with a special note from our Founder, Reshma Thakkar:

Made with a Purpose is my entire world right now, and I couldn't be happier watching it all come to fruition.  Right now, we are in such an amazing place because we have launched our company, begun empowering our women in India, engaged our Pioneers whose contributions are helping build our vision, and yet, our journey has really just begun.  When I look back at what we've started here, I feel a sense of gratitude.  My desire to create a way of giving back to the women in India by empowering them gave me the strength and tenacity to go for it.  There have been countless days where I had to learn new things just to move forward with my vision and already I can look back on those moments with amazement, for I have grown so much in my quest of creating something greater.

There are so many things that I want to share with you all, and that's my vision for this blog.  I'll be sharing updates about the business, the women in India, and our products.  You'll see fun photo ideas on the many ways to use our bags, accessorize and style yourself with our bags, and DIY gift ideas.  We will also use it to notify you of special events that we will be putting on or participating in, so you can join us when we are in your neck of the woods! 

In the coming months, we've got a lot of exciting things planned not just with Made with a Purpose, but also with some outside projects that I have been a part of with some BIG names in the personal empowerment industry.  I'm really excited to have you join the journey!  And please know that if you've been called to be a part of Made with a Purpose by becoming a Pioneer, purchasing a product, or just stopping by to see what we're up to, then I consider you part of my family and inner circle.  Our desire to “be the change we wish to see in the world” is powerful and together we can do great things.

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In gratitude,

Reshma Thakkar