how your purchase makes a difference


How we give back

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We Encourage Self-Development & Confidence Building

  • Women have a community of other like-minded women at their workplace and can find support when needed

  • Having a well-paying, consistent job with growth potential helps women see their potential and improves self confidence

  • Working for a Western company opens the women's eyes to a broader world view and allows them to explore ideas they may otherwise never have known




We Repurpose Old Saris and Fabrics

  • Some of your purchases are made from vintage saris and fabrics that may otherwise have been thrown away

  • Due to the limited quantity of each fabric, the products we bring to you are completely unique pieces that carry a story

  • Our donors feel a sense of fulfillment seeing their old items being repurposed for a good cause


We Provide Sustainable Income & Long-Term Career Opportunities

  • Women that work for Made with a Purpose have the opportunity to earn more than most skilled workers in their field

  • Having a steady income and a stable job reduces financial stress so women can stop worrying about basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter

  • When women are earning money, they are seen as an asset to their family instead of a burden, and they have more say in family matters

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We Provide Education for Girls

  • A portion of all proceeds goes towards sponsoring primary and secondary education for girls who can't afford it

  • Women are taught the importance of education so they can encourage and support their daughters in pursuing further studies


Made with a Purpose offers hope to those who might otherwise never have had the chance to attend school, and enable those already enrolled to complete their educations successfully.


One of the most important ways Made with a Purpose empowers women is by helping them realize that they are the key to securing a brighter future for their daughters and themselves. When given the opportunity to work, the money they earn helps to end the cycle of poverty, overcome the limitations imposed upon them by society, and provide their girls with the financial, moral, and emotional support they need to attend school and flourish. Most importantly, it means their daughters are less likely to be forced into child marriage, and more likely to finish school and even attend college. By sponsoring 20 school-aged girls every year, Made with a Purpose offers hope to those who might otherwise never have had the chance to attend school, and enable those already enrolled to complete their educations successfully.



While Made with a Purpose provides women with the opportunity to support their daughter’s educational development, we are also currently establishing a fund from which to offer tuition assistance to girls who have completed school but require financial help attend university. Part-time work will allow them to earn money for educational expenses and receive college preparation assistance while generating money to support the sewing center and help others succeed. A percentage will also be budgeted yearly for medical emergencies, food crises, and housing issues that sometimes arise and threaten to impact the course of a girl’s schooling. This will allow Made with a Purpose to act as first line of defense for FFLV as well as reduce financial burden on sponsors and donors.



In addition to providing income and emotional support, Made with a Purpose's plans to develop other initiatives that are designed to improve the lives of girls and women. Workplace wellness programs will offer techniques to help combat stress, counteract negative conditioning, and embrace the power of positive thinking. Because girls’ education is the exception in some communities, self-improvement classes help mothers better understand its importance. Other workshops bring to light the negative impacts of the dowry system and child marriage in the hope that such practices will eventually disappear. As women begin to earn money (often for the first time), Made with a Purpose also hopes to offer instruction in managing personal finances and legal affairs.