Welcome to the Made with a Purpose blog with a special note from our Founder, Reshma Thakkar:

Made with a Purpose is my entire world right now, and I couldn't be happier watching it all come to fruition.  Right now, we are in such an amazing place because we have launched our company, begun empowering our women in India, engaged our Pioneers whose contributions are helping build our vision, and yet, our journey has really just begun.  When I look back at what we've started here, I feel a sense of gratitude.  My desire to create a way of giving back to the women in India by empowering them gave me the strength and tenacity to go for it.  There have been countless days where I had to learn new things just to move forward with my vision and already I can look back on those moments with amazement, for I have grown so much in my quest of creating something greater.

There are so many things that I want to share with you all, and that's my vision for this blog.  I'll be sharing updates about the business, the women in India, and our products.  You'll see fun photo ideas on the many ways to use our bags, accessorize and style yourself with our bags, and DIY gift ideas.  We will also use it to notify you of special events that we will be putting on or participating in, so you can join us when we are in your neck of the woods! 

In the coming months, we've got a lot of exciting things planned not just with Made with a Purpose, but also with some outside projects that I have been a part of with some BIG names in the personal empowerment industry.  I'm really excited to have you join the journey!  And please know that if you've been called to be a part of Made with a Purpose by becoming a Pioneer, purchasing a product, or just stopping by to see what we're up to, then I consider you part of my family and inner circle.  Our desire to “be the change we wish to see in the world” is powerful and together we can do great things.

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In gratitude,

Reshma Thakkar