Happy Independence Day 2015! Can you believe it is JULY already? This year is flying by, probably because it's been such an exciting year. Being that it is Independence Day this weekend, I want to take a few moments to write about what Independence means for me this year. The term has taken on a slightly deeper meaning for me in light of the launch of Made with a Purpose.

First, let me start by saying that we are BLESSED to be living in this beautiful country. Is it perfect? No. Are there things I would change? Absolutely. BUT, after having traveled to dozens of countries, and being exposed to varying levels of wealth and poverty around the world, I must admit we have it GOOD as women. As a woman, I have choices, I have the freedom to walk the streets alone and feel SAFE, I have a voice, and can demand to be heard. I am protected, and I feel safe and secure. I grew up in a traditional Indian household, and was blessed to be brought up with the richness and beauty of the culture without being held back by some of the outdated traditions and customs that no longer serve humanity. Unfortunately, not all women have had the same circumstances, and that is part of the reason I was inspired to start Made with a Purpose. 

When I think about the women and children I work with in India, I desperately want them to experience at least a taste of the independence and freedom I have experienced over my lifetime. And though I can give them well-paying jobs, access to education, offer an improved workplace, and the opportunity to build a real career for themselves and a better life for their families, I can't single-handedly change the deep-rooted societal views and ways of thinking. This is heart-breaking to me at times. It feels like an uphill battle, but then I remind myself that a journey begins with a single step. And with each woman and child we touch through Made with a Purpose, we are creating a ripple effect. And someday, we will touch hundreds, thousands, millions of lives... and things will change. Things will get better for women in India and all over the world. They will be free, they will be equal, they will be respected, and they will THRIVE. And through Made with a Purpose, I am committed to doing my part to make that happen. Happy Independence day my friend, have a blessed weekend! 

With love and gratitude-