We are very excited about an opportunity that SHINE LIVE offered to Reshma and Made with a Purpose.  Host of SHINE LIVE, Chantelle Adams, has chosen Made with a Purpose as the heart-centered organization for her event and will be supporting us by purchasing custom-made bags to hand out to her guests at the event. We are thrilled to attend SHINE LIVE and are counting down the days to fly up to Canada! SHINE LIVE is a 3-day event that will take place this September 23–25, 2015 at Kelowna, British Colombia.

SHINE LIVE is an event where women from around the world come to grow and share their voice. These women get to build confidence in talking about their business and specifically work on certain areas that will help them get to the next level (like speaking at a TED event)! It’s their time to SHINE as well as get valuable feedback from other powerful women business owners. Those who are presenting will be sharing their mission and the ways in which they are changing the world.

We are very thankful for this opportunity! Our founder, Reshma, will be one of the amazing presenters at the event, sharing all about Made with a Purpose and how we are changing the world. She will share her journey and how it is already changing the lives of so many others. The world is so much better when we raise each other up and help out one another. Especially when women who have big positive dreams come together and join forces to build each other up, great strides are made!

You can check out the event here. We will also let you know how it all goes after the event. Stay Tuned!