Exploring new places and meeting new people along the way played a huge role in the making of Made With a Purpose.

While much of our time is currently being spent on the technical building stage of our business, we must say that the start of Made With a Purpose was highly influenced by our Founder, Reshma's travels all around the world. Reshma has such an adventurous spirit and always made it her goal in life to go out into the world in search of understanding differences in other cultures and customs. 

Along her path of exploration and travel, she ended up in India connecting deeply with the 6 women who have since become our master seamstresses of the Made With a Purpose bags. Her immersion into the Indian culture allowed her to make close ties with these women and truly understand the struggles they face on a daily basis.

As we reflect back on this humble beginning, it's clear that at the core of it all is travel.  Travel is how we met our 6 amazing women who are being empowered through our company.  Travel allowed us to become aware of the need to help women and children in India. Travel is how Made With a Purpose got it's start and that is why we are a firm believer that travel unifies lives!