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What's in your bag?


Travelers, What's in Your Bag?

We love taking our handmade bags with us everywhere we go. Particularly when we travel, they are the best way to keep our stuff organized in style. Our team members like to keep one with them in their shoulder bag that holds a passport, postcards, stamps, pens, and a few personal items to freshen up on the flight. In our checked luggage, we use three different bags to keep our makeup, face and body care, and hair stuff all separated and organized. 

Not only are they awesome for organization, they are GREAT conversation starters too! Because they are so colorful, they capture people's attention, and inevitably, someone will ask where it's from. And we will take any opportunity to share the cause! 

So we want to know from our fellow travelers, WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG? Comment below and let us know!