Neetu is originally from Rajasthan, which is so fitting as she has the most colorful, jolly personality in the entire sewing center! Her laughter is infectious and lights up the room. You can find her laughing all the time; the sewing center feels empty without her. She has been working in the Food for Life's sewing center (where Made With a Purpose is located) for the past 9 years. 


Though everything is happy and fun while she is in the company of the women at work, things are very different when she gets home. When we asked her if she is this joyful and happy at home, her smile fades and she becomes quiet. She tells us that at home, she is the opposite- mostly quiet, does her household work, and keeps to herself. As with many women in India, her home life is very different than her life in the sewing center.

When Neetu was in 9th grade, her father passed away so she was forced to get married; her father was the sole earner of the family and his passing meant the family was no longer able to manage providing for all the kids. She was only 17, but in many's eyes, that is a marriageable age and this meant one less person to support. She now has two daughters who are in school, and Neetu works to earn money and takes care of household duties as well. Her husband used to work random jobs here and there but has been voluntarily unemployed for the past 2 years. He relies on Neetu to work, earn money to support the family and take care of all household duties and child care with no outside help.

Neetu's greatest wish is that her girls study hard, and they do well in school so they don't have to face the same difficulties she has had to face in her life.